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            Utah Education Advisor to the Governor

My new job.


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About Me:

My husband and I are the parents of five children and two new grandchildren. I have spent 25 years in the schools—volunteering in the classroom, serving in PTA and as PTA President, sitting on a school site-based committee, and as an elected Community Council Member. While my children have been educated almost entirely in traditional public schools, I did homeschool one of my children for a short time and also enrolled this same child in a private school—a school which has now become what I consider to be one of the model charter schools in the state. My personal experience with children who succeed and children who struggle in school is a tremendous asset to me as a board member. In addition, my volunteer experience over the years gives me a broad perspective on the day-to-day challenges and successes found in our schools.  


For nine years I worked as a Clinical Instructor in the Special Education and Rehabilitation Department at USU where I supervised student teachers and taught undergraduate courses—online, on campus, and through hybrid methods. I reduced my work load and am now adjunct faculty in the College of Education, working just part time coordinating a research project on narrative language intervention. My undergraduate and graduate degrees are in Special Education with emphasis in severe disabilities and early childhood. I collaborate with Claremont College and Vanderbilt University, working as a Faculty Trainer for the IRIS Center, training faculty members across the country on how to utilize free, evidence-based, online materials in their teacher-training programs. My experience training teachers, along with my experience with online and distance instructional models, has been a tremendous benefit to my work on the State Board and will be invaluable as we move toward more digital-based instruction and improve our public and higher education partnerships. 


I have been involved with the Logan Schools Foundation for nearly 16 years, serving as a board member, board president and Director for seven years, and now as an ad hoc committee member. I served as co-chair of the Utah Association of Public Schools Foundation (UAPSF) helping to facilitate the work of nonprofit school foundations across the state. The work of these foundations involves building partnerships with businesses, alumni, community members and other nonprofit organizations in an effort to enhance educational opportunities for our students, providing programs, materials, and projects that cannot be funded through the normal budgetary process. My experience with the Logan Schools Foundation and the UAPSF has given me a broad perspective on programs that are important to the business community and to private donors, along with avenues of additional revenue and support outside of the state’s education budget.   


I am very active in community service, having served eight years on the Logan City Council, four years as Neighborhood Council Chair, and currently founder and director of the Logan Citizens’ Academy—a program designed to educate citizens about municipal government. I am a County Delegate with the Republican Party, and am proud to support my husband as our precinct’s State Delegate. My work in community government has given me a better understanding of the relationship between successful schools and healthy communities. It has also prepared me to seek out win-win situations and look for areas of compromise when faced with opposing viewpoints and goals. 


I have served on the State Board of Education since February of 2010, having first been appointed by the Governor to fill an unexpired term, and then winning re-election in November of 2012. My work on the board has given me insight and experience that continues to be an asset to public education in Utah. 



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